Sew Cast Hosts

Join Kathy, Lauren, Peggy, Mark, and the rest of the Pocono Sew & Vac team as they discuss a variety of topics and issues in the sewing and vacuum industry with a lot of humor and whimsy thrown in for good measure.

Kathy K

Kathy has been sewing for 40 years and is experienced in all phases of garment sewing. She also dabbles in home dec and quilting. She is experienced with the top sewing, embroidery, and quilting machines and teaches advanced machine concepts. She loves to talk about her favorite topic—Sewing!

Lauren H

Lauren has been an avid sewer for 10 years. She is one of our sewing & embroidery machine experts and is very knowledgable about machine accessories as well as longarms. She got her start as a garment sewer and is learning to love quilting.

Peggy C

Peggy has sewing in her blood. Her interest in sewing comes from her creative family. She specializes in all things quilting, gorgeous fabric, and sales & education of multiple brands of sewing/embroidery/and quilting machines.

Mark K

Mark has always been fascinated with taking things apart to see how they work and putting them back together. He has been in the vacuum business since 2001, not just fixing vacuums but selling them too and helping with the sewing aspect of the store as he can.


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